XNO - "Monster Art Madness"

  XNO started his carreer at Memphis art college in the 80ís. He started doing illustrations for a punk rock mag called Malice where he got his name, XNO. Soon he was doing self-published underground comics with his own company XEX graphics. This led to him getting published in R. Crumbs comic Weirdo and Ray Zones 3d comics with such notables as R.K. Sloane and Big Daddy Roth.

In the 90ís his career got a kick-start with a show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery alongside R.K. Sloane. Since then he has done several one man shows and has been in many group shows including New Yorkís psychedelic Solution and Los Angelesís Tamara Bane Gallery. He was even in a show at the Laguna Art Museum last year. He has done skateboard designs for Veriflex and surfboard graphics for Slap On. He has been published IN Thrasher magazine, Hustler magazine and a card series for Topps bubble gum called, Dinosaurs Attack. He even did a stint at MTV with some computer animation.

XNO has done it all and now he has hit the internet!! You can now view and purchase his latest paintings all year round. Keep checking back with this web-site for information on upcoming shows and a new movie project called Zombo.


XNO & The Pizz